Album Review: Slave To The Scalpel – 200 Stab Wounds

Fuck yes!

The Metal Wanderlust

Sometimes I hear a great Death Metal record, and I say “That’s a pretty great Death Metal record. But do I want to hear it again?” Often the answer is yes, but then the question becomes “Do I want to hear it again… right now?” There are fewer yes’s to that one. But fucking 200 Stab Wounds, man! Those riffs! Jesus Christ!

But before I start going off about the riffs, I need to mention… the riffs! Look, I’m a guitarist. My ear goes to the guitar 100% of the time, right off the bat, and I’m telling you, every single track on this album is a fucking riff tsunami! Now, is one of these riffs better than any of the others? Listen to “Itty Bitty Pieces,” and let that shit kick you in the teeth for a few minutes. I’m serious. As soon as you’re able, listen to

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